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This website is a collaboration of people who live in Hurst, Watauga, Keller, North Richland Hills, Bedford, Elizabethtown, Roanoke, Trophy Club, Justin and parts of Westlake, Texas who have been impacted by Bell Helicopter/Textron’s noise pollution from training flights over our communities.

Bell Helicopter/Textron operates an international flight school which trains helicopter pilots from all over the world.  As a cost cutting measure in 2015 Bell moved their classroom and storage facility from Alliance Airport to Hurst.  Because of this change, Bell now flies as many as fifty flights a day over our communities.

We, as a community, are opposed to this constant noise pollution.  We are also opposed to the REAL possibility of a fatal crash occurring in our neighborhood.  Our suggestions, and the FAA recommended route, is to fly these training flights over Highway 35 W instead of over the many neighborhoods impacted by these training operations.

THERE are things you can do to help curb this noise nuisance and the safety concerns held by persons living under this training path.   Look at our menu to find informational links.  Find out what you can do, and do join us today to ensure peace and safety in our communities.