A Day In The Life (Living with Bell Helicopter Training Flights Overhead)

For those who believe that the Bell Helicopter training flights do not impact those of us living underneath them, please take a few minutes to watch and listen to the video below.  As you are watching the videos listen to what we hear on a daily basis, Monday through Friday.

These are not professional videos taken using sophisticated sound equipment.  Do not pay attention so much to the noise level of the helicopters on these videos.  Pay attention to the fact that they fly low and frequently over our homes.  The videos on May 10th were all taken after Bell helicopters did not fly in the morning because of the meeting at City Hall in Keller.  The result was that they made up for the missed training opportunities. by flying over at about ten minute intervals.  Thank you #Bell Helicopter for providing us with deafening noise, and unsafe places now to live.  By the way complaints to Bell Helicopter fall on deaf ears.

If you want to hear how loud they are I am attaching this interview from Channel 11 news for more accurate sound.  Please watch.


It is simply impossible for people who work from their homes, and who live under this barrage of noise to conduct business.  Think about calling a client and not being able to conduct business until after a helicopter passes over.  Not conducive to growing a business.

Nor is it healthy.  Think of schoolchildren playing outside on the playground as helicopters are passing overhead.  Can that possibly be healthy or safe?  The short answer is absolutely NOT.

Fly 35 #Bell Helicopter.

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